Business Alliance for People of Color
New Hampshire


Leveraging local, state, and federal resources to expand diversity, equity and inclusion, wealth building and social capital for the betterment of New Hampshire’s minority owned businesses, underserved communities, and economic vitality.

BAPOC-NH Peer and Mentor Relationships

Building Social Capital Through Strong Peer & Mentor Relationships

Networking groups and mentor relationships can be key in overcoming the challenge of social capital. Working together with a strong network of peers going through similar struggles in their businesses can lead to win-win opportunities that help BAPOC business owners thrive.

BAPOC-NH State Funding

Accessing Financial Capital Through Access to State Funding Organizations

Unfortunately, compared to other New Hampshire business owners, research has shown that BAPOC entrepreneurs are at a distinct disadvantage when it comes to financial capital. You’re membership provides access to alternative financing through access to collaborative organizations like SBA, SBDC, PTAC, BEA, SCORE, etc. that match your business based on sales goals, service offering or expertise.

BAPOC-NH Networking

Building Human Capital Through Networking

Networking with other business owners can help you recruit, learn cost-saving methods, pick up management tips, and share access to important resources.

For minority communities, networking with business owners with a similar background can lead to several benefits, including methods and connections to overcome community-specific hiring challenges. Business-owners of Color are likely to see the same benefits when building a network of human resources.